How to Care for Six Horrifying Parasites

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Tired of traditional pets? Dogs just consider you another pack member and cats have all those weird mommy issues. Luckily, there's another way -- and I'm not talking about investing in circus animals. If you want to grow attached to an animal friend, then why not try a pet that attaches to you?

Yes, internal parasites are all the rage among the modern, style-conscious pet owner. By allowing your pet to actually live inside your body, you cut down on most of the concerns associated with other pets. Forget litter boxes and morning walks -- these guys simply relieve themselves inside you. Worried about pet food? They depend on their host for nourishment, which means you can splurge on a nice dinner out instead of bleeding money for high-end pet foods.

So what do you say? Are you ready to welcome one of these loveable creatures into your heart (or maybe your small intestines)? Well, step right up and read about some excellent parasite choices, the benefits they offer and what all you'll have to do to acquire and care for them.

Originally published at Monsters Inside Me: Animal Planet.

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