21 Amazing Psychedelic Horror Films

Blue Sunshine (1978)
Alamo Draft House

We've all heard urban legends about acid flashbacks, and "Blue Sunshine" taps right into those fears. The film takes place a decade after the Summer of Love and the flower children have all grown up and moved on. They've become husbands, mothers, professionals and politicians -- but then a bizarre strain of LSD called "Blue Sunshine" begins to rear its ugly head again. The symptoms pop up a decade after initial consumption: sudden baldness, intense homicidal mania, the ultimate bad trip.

Directed by Jeff Lieberman of "Squirm" fame, "Blue Sunshine" taps into a familiar anxiety among psychotropic psychonauts: Has this substance harmed my mind as well as expanded it? Will I pay for it down the road? The film doesn't pack much in the way of psychedelic imagery, but in a way that works to its advantage. It's not about the exploding skies of yesteryear but the dry reality of here-and-now. The terror holds up well, as does the lead performance by the late Zalman King, better known for his work as an erotic film director.

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