21 Amazing Psychedelic Horror Films

God Told Me To (1976)
Plan 9

There's a lot to love in Larry Cohen's "God Told Me To." We follow a troubled detective (Tony Lo Bianco) as he investigates a string of bizarre murders in a gritty 1970s, blacksploitationy New York City. In each case, the murderer claimed that God told them to kill.

Ah, but what's really going on here? The detective soon stumbles across an account of alien abductions and follows the string of murders to a glowing, hermaphroditic, messianic alien/human hybrid (Richard Lynch) with a vagina in the place of Christ's spear wound.* And then things get even crazier.

It's one of my favorite b-movies of all time. As a plus, it also features a cameo from Andy Kaufman.

* If you find that nutty and maybe a little offensive, know that the spear-wound-as-vagina motif goes back centuries as part of a larger trend toward the feminization of Christ in medieval and Renaissance art -- an effort to symbolically convey the feminine aspects of Christ.

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