21 Fictional Worms Deserving of Horror & Devotion

The Vendren Worm
Art by Jamie Oberschlake

Classification: Pluralizing Monster Worm

Description: Beware the worm that walks among us, such as the dreaded Venderen Worm that haunts the streets of Crotalorn. Surrounded by undulating tendrils that probe immodestly at its prey, the great worm can easily gobble up a human whole. That's fine enough strength for the shadows, but such a monster needs stealth to survive in the world of men. As such, the Venderen Worm shapes its form into that of a human, in time budding additional, subservient forms as well. Very old members of this secretive species may ultimitly populate whole households with their ring of supernumerary.

Further Study: "The Venderen Worm" by Brian McNaughton

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