21 Fictional Worms Deserving of Horror & Devotion

The Worm in the Cellar
Image via Hulu

Classification: Biochemically Altered Human

Description: When agreeing to spend the night in a haunted house for a $15,000 pay off, you generally accept a certain degree of Scooby-Doo-esque shenanigans. You most certainly don't expect someone to inject you with a complex enzyme molecule that gradually disintegrates your bones but leaves your nervous system and vital organs intact. In the second season of Rod Serling's "Night Gallery," a war criminal finds himself in just this predicament, forced to choose between a loaded revolver and life as a gelatinous worm-man.

"If this strikes you as absurdly far fetched I suggest you pay another visit to the basement," instructs his captor, the son of a musician tortured during the war. There, he says, one may find a fully transformed worm-man squirming about in the dark. Overcome by horror and convinced by trails of slime and an injection mark on his arm, the war criminal chooses the gun and never inspects the empty cellar.

Further Study: "A Question of Fear" by Bryan Lewis, "Night Gallery" adaptation

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