10 Great Sci-Fi Board Games


When robots collide… Image via Amazon.com

We've covered some pretty serious, high-stakes sci-fi board games so far, but that doesn't mean every game has to center around the fate of humanity and interstellar war. Just consider "RoboRally," the game of bumbling, cartoonish robots in a pointless factory environment.

It's essentially a racing game, with cards determining how everyone's moves playout in real time. Only instead of proceeding around a racetrack, each player's dimwitted droid rolls through an environment full of conveyor belts, flame throwers, teleportation platforms and other hazards. Plus, you can also collide and blast each other with laser beams.

"RoboRally" was actually a 1985 design by Richard Garfield, who would go onto create the highly-popular "Magic: The Gathering" collectable card game. While originally a Wizards of the Coast property, Avalon Hill serves as the current publisher. Not only is it a fun game, it also makes for a pretty hilarious and light-hearted evening of robotic slapstick.

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