10 Nonexistent Animals We Wish Were Real

Image via ZeroChan

Earth is home to untold millions of fascinating species, yet we can't help but pine for the fantastic animals of myth and fiction. Their mere mention clutches our nostalgia-driven hearts and "gives us all the feels" as the saying goes.

So here are 10 such organisms. We've tried to avoid highly sentient beings (Sorry, Stitch!) or those t00 at home in the realm of magic (Sorry, Totoro!), but of course this is hardly science. If I left off your favorite, please don't kill me. Maybe I'll bump this up to a top 20 in the future.

At any rate, these amazing creatures are sadly nonexistent. But with each critter, we'll also consider a "next best thing" animal from the natural world. So it's not all bad news.

Thanks to Holly, Christian and Lauren for their contributions to this list. And for the record, I do wish Totoro and Cat Bus were real too.

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