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alternative energy

 "Dumbest" Turbine Ready to Hit Rough Ocean Waters

Atlantis Resources just unveiled its 1,430-ton, 73-foot-long tidal turbine, believed to be the biggest turbine of its kind in the world. But the kicker for me was the chief executive, Tim Cornelius' description of the behemoth: "In order to get a robust turbine we have had to make what we call ultimately the dumbest, simple but most robust turbine you could possibly put in such a harsh environment." See more »

 "Global Warming" Gets a PR Makeover

How much does unappealing language hold back messages about global warming, um, I mean the "deteriorating atmosphere?" That's what the nonprofit PR firm ecoAmerica set out to study. Its findings suggested that no, people don't want to hear about "global warming," or even "climate change" -- it makes them freeze up and think about Al Gore -- but they wouldn't mind listening to a few value-focused "talking points." Although the ecoAmerica study was just released yesterday, it's already been around the block a few times. About a month ago, a summary meant for government officials and environmental leaders was accidentally e-mailed to several news outlets, including the New York Times. More recently, Grist reported on the document, which focuses on nearly every environmental buzzword out there. See more »

 Food City is Dubai's Latest Eco-venture

Dubai's never-ending slew of conceptual architectural designs tends to run together in my mind. They usually feature an outsized silver building of unconventional shape (perhaps situated on also unconventionally shaped man-made land). The new designs for Dubai's latest eco-venture are no exception. According to Inhabitat, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce authorized the development of a free zone called Food City. Dubai's free zones are officially "offshore" no man's lands -- areas that fall outside of the UAE's legal code in order to attract international business. But with Dubai's economy looking more bust than boom, the emirate has decided to spin its latest venture toward sustainability instead of the gilded (literally) luxury it's known for. Not to be confused with Abu Dhabi's Masdar City project or Dubai's Xeritown, Food City is touted as an "off-the-grid, self-sufficient metropolis" featuring every energy-saving or alternative-energy technology under the sun. See more »

 The Maldives' Grand Plan

As members of Congress pour over a U.S. climate bill centered on a cap-and-trade system, a small collection of idyllic atolls in the Indian Ocean is busy with its own ambitious plan. According to the Economist, the president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, announced in March that his country would attempt to stop using fossil fuels by 2020. See more »