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The STBYM Summer Reading List 2013

 Into the book... (Art by Anna & Elena Balbusso)
Into the book... (Art by Anna & Elena Balbusso)

Last year's Summer Reading episode was such a success, we did it again for 2013. But this time we split it up, sharing our own book recommendations along with some guest recommendations from other HSW podcasters and friends of the show.

You'll want to listen in for all the details on why these books are worth your summer scrutiny, but this post will serve as a reference point for exact titles, authors and links for everyone involved. I've also denoted when selections are fiction, non fiction, young adult and/or comics. Now start perusing some books!

Robert Lamb Stuff to Blow Your Mind

Julie Douglas

DJ Food

Lauren Vogelbaum

Mary Roach

Tracy V. Wilson



David Barnett

Cristen Conger

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Robert Lamb is a senior writer and podcaster at HowStuffWorks, where he co-hosts Stuff to Blow Your Mind with Julie Douglas. He has a love for monsters, an aversion to slugs and a hankering for electronic music.

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