Space Music: Venetian Snares' Traditional Synth Music

And now for something traditional... Timesig Records
And now for something traditional... Timesig Records

If you follow electronic music, then you're likely familiar with the work of Canadian electronic musician Aaron Funk. Under the guise of Venetian Snares (and a handful of other aliases) he boasts an impressive discography and stands as the central breakcore innovator.

In many ways, Venetian Snares always remindeds me of Aphex Twin: both ingenious electronic music innovators with a penchant for absurd, waggish creative choices. Yet while Aphex Twin's music resonats with me quite strongly, I've always felt a disconnect with Snares. I admire the production, but maybe breakcore just isn't my thing.

The 2016 Venetian Snares album "Traditional Synthesizer Music" changed everything for me. The work deviates somewhat from Funk's other releases, embracing stronger elements of IDM and produced on modular synthesizer equipment. Plus, as an overall package, the album eschews the use of crude or outlandish flourishes -- which may or may not influence your appreciation of the music.

"Traditional Synthesizer Music" is a complete delight, full of soothing melodic superstructures that overlay glittering, deep space depths of emergent glitch. It reminds me of late-90s IDM (especially Autechre), as well as more recent retro synth projects like The Advisory Circle. But Funk's originality sets the album far apart. Listening to it, there's no doubt it's a Venetian Snares release -- it's just one that, seemingly, was composed just for me. :)

Let's listen to a couple of my favorite tracks:

You can grab your own physical or digital copy of "Traditional Synthesizer Music" at all the usual places, including the Venetian Snares Bandcamp page. You can also stream it via Spotify.

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