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Space Music: The Knick, Blanck Mass, Slowly Rising

A new age of wonders. Cinemax
A new age of wonders. Cinemax

Steven Soderbergh's "The Knick" is back for its second season, so I'm currently in TV Heaven. The series is a delightfully non-period piece exploration of early-20th century medical science and American culture -- and Cliff Martinez's incredible electronic score is a huge part of its ability to capture the cutting-edge modernity and social change of the time.

"If Anyman Thirst" is probably my favorite track off the season 2 soundtrack, making the splendid use of a theremin's eerie resonance in combination with the show's brooding ambiance -- which, in turn, is best illustrated by the track "Son of Placenta Previa" off season 1.

Both scores are available via Milan Records, and you can stream them off Spotify here and here.

"The Great Confuso" by Blanck Mass

I've already blogged about the music of Blanck Mass, but now founding F*** Buttons member Benjamin John Power is back the EP "The Great Confuso," featuring guest vocals and a remix from Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV legend Genesis P. Orridge. The music itself is tremendous, again reminding me of early Nine Inch Nails with a modern electronic ambiance -- and Orridge's contribution helps to cement its place in the post-industrial linage.

You can buy the album on BandCamp (and other digital stores), or seek it out on Spotify.

"Slowly Rising" by Beatsofreen

Finally, we have a beautiful music video by director Hideki Inaba for Beatsofreen's "Slowly Rising," off their forthcoming album on King Deluxe Records. It's moonlit, psychedelic dance of ghost jellies and cephalopods -- very hypnotic stuff, especially when combined with such a soothing piece of music. Let's watch...

Space Music is a continuous exploration of our expanding cosmos of sound, with a firm emphasis on electronic music. Explore years of posts right here, and sample a little of everything at the Space Music Sampler playlist on Spotify.

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