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Space Music: Siliconversion, Unit Black Flight

Behold the new Earth of 2999... Artwork by Markus Lovadina
Behold the new Earth of 2999... Artwork by Markus Lovadina

It's high time for another Space Music update. First up, we have a brand new entry in The 2999 Project, an ongoing initiative from King Deluxe records to present dreams of a dawning 31st century through music, art and the written word.

The above image comes form the mind of Markus Lovadina, and the accompanying music is the work of Dutch electronic artist Terugklap. Let's have a listen...

Finally, Amit Dutta provides the written word for this 2999 entry. Check out the full piece at the 2999 website, but here's a taste:

"It has been many centuries since humanity departed the planet that bore them. Earth now too harsh to be habitable has been totally abandoned to evolution. Waves of carbonic acid lap up against the glittering green and silver beaches formed by the the dissolution of organic marine life and the discarded circuitry detritus of a millennium of electronics evolution. Beaches rise up through to agate rock steppes formed by layers upon layers of concentric banded geometry. Rivulets of superheated molten mineral trickle and hiss through channels etched in the rock surface. The channels are straight, angled, as if cut by machine and resembling the printed circuitry tracks of the humans' historic technology."

Unit Black Flight

As you probably know by now, dark and uncanny music captivates me as much as the dreamy, futuristic and cosmic. I have a strong affinity for nostalgic, retro-electronic music that resurrects memories of VHS-era horror and sci-fi.

As such, I'm a big fan of the Giallo Disco label. Back in December, they released Alessandro Parisi's "La Porta Ermetica," and shortly they'll release Unit Black Flight's "Tracks from the Trailer EP. " Technically, it's a re-release of material from Unit Black Flight's earlier release, but the selected tracks are remastered and headed for both digital and vinyl release.

Let's have a listen:

Giallo Disco also released the following music video for the track "Shadow Scope," utilizing footage from the 1983 Italian post-apocalyptic film "Escape from the Bronx." American audiences may best remember this film from the seventh season of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's perfect:

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