Space Music: HAEX-HRLL, Atom From Heart

New releases from Christine and HAEX-HRLL. Mouton Noir & Giallo Disco Records
New releases from Christine and HAEX-HRLL. Mouton Noir & Giallo Disco Records

If you’ve read my missives on Space Music before, then you know my general approach to cosmically-aligned musicality: I favor the electric, the uncanny, the vintage and the weird. As such, I try to keep tabs on Giallo Disco Records releases -- and their latest release does not disappoint.

“Further From The Truth” promises to be “an abductee saga by replicons from beyond the moon” that invokes “hot electro, Vangelis dreamscapes (and) XTRO drone” as its influences. Indeed, the album creates an alluring soundscape of classic synth elegance that summons memories of 80s and 90s sci-fi film scores. It’s a sweet spot of sonic nostalgia that many artists shoot for, but Jeroen Warmenhoven (AKA DJ Overdose, recording here as HAEX-HRLL) pulls it off perfectly. I’ve had the album in regular rotation while I work since its release date earlier this month.

You can buy “Further From the Truth” on Bandcamp, or stream it from Spotify or your digital music hook-up of choice.

‘Atom From Heart’ by Christine

In a similar vein, the French electronic duo Christine just released their first full-length album “Atom From Heart,” featuring the fabulous retro track “Drama” with vocals by 80s old-school rap artist T La Rock.

“Over The Top” also features vocals, feeling like the appropriate soundtrack for a 90s action movie training montage. The rest of the tracks back “Drama” and “Over The Top” up quite nicely, delivering a driving, sci-fi electric vibe that reminds me of German electro-house duo Digitalism -- especially in the track “Lipstick.”

Give it a listen, especially if you’re craving something a little more energetic for work or exercise. You can currently purchase “Atom From Heart” at all the major websites, including Bandcamp. A few tracks are up on Spotify as of this posting. Oh yeah, and there's also a suitably weird music video for "Drama."

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