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And the Science Challenge Winner is...

Nuh Mohammed Shaheer, a Kindergartener from Cottage Street Elementary School in Sharon, MA!

Yes, Nuh made it through as one of the top 10 in the online voting phase and then won over our team of HSW and BASF judges. His video "Refrecting Rainbows" combines still graphics, animations, video and excellent explanations about where rainbows come from in this amazing optical world of ours.

So congrats to Nuh and thanks to everyone who entered and made this such a compelling competition. It was a real blast to work with BASF on this contest and all the entries underlined just how much scientific enthusiasm there is out there. We all look forward to checking back in on Cottage Street Elementary to see how the prize money helps their science classroom.

You can check out the other videos here (click on "view & vote"), but let's go ahead and look at two honorable mentions. First up we have William An, a fifth grader from Chocachatti Elementary, FL schooling us on static electricity:

And here's Megan O'Connor, a third grader from Holy Innocents' Episcopal School, GA talking about salt and why stuff floats in it:

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