Who can know the mind of a corvid? | Image credit: Sabrina Bekeschus Monteiro / EyeEm / Getty Images Avian Intellects: Interview with Dr. Onur Güntürkün

In our recent podcast episode “The Unsettling Depths of Bird Intelligence,” Robert and I discussed the mounting evidence that birds — especially parrots and corvids — are much smarter than previously thought. In some cases, they appear to display intelligent

3TEETH_sized-featured 3Teeth’s Mincolla Talks Esoterism, Music and Art

I recently blogged about LA-based industrial act 3Teeth’s debut album here on Space Music. Specifically, I was taken with the philosophically-tinged, anarchist blend of 90s industrial style and the sort of modern dark electronic ambiance that I’ve come to depend

ashunnedplace-featured2 Space Music: ‘A Shunned Place’ by Polypores

A lot of the electronic music I’ve been enjoying recently fits into the “hauntology” classification: Pye Corner Audio, the Advisory Circle, Heinrich Dressel — they all visit a region of vaguely-nostalgic electronic ambiance that suggests unexplained apparitions, dark wonder and perhaps

rubberfunk-Small Dr. Rubberfunk Talks Halloween Mixes and Music

Each year I highlight Halloween Mixes to Combat Decision Fatigue, because there’s no sense wasting precious brain power on a playlist when talented folk like Dr. Rubberfunk are already on the case. The good Dr. Rubberfunk (AKA Simon Ward) gave

subtemple-II-image-feature Chris Gladwin Discusses The Wyrding Module

If you tuned in to our episode “The Science of Uncanny Music,” you sampled some sinister sounds and thought-provoking insight from musician Chris Gladwin. As promised, here’s a complete interview with the man behind The Wyrding Module. Be sure to

vhstape-feature Interview: Josh Schafer Talks VHS Tapes, Culture

Like a lot of folks, I’ve been on something of a VHS-era nostalgia kick of late. I’ve enjoyed blogging about the horror-section video boxes that frightened me as a child, as well as the sci-fi boxes that inspired me. Plus,

YPF-feature Shane Morton on ‘Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell’

Say what you will about Atlanta, but there’s no doubting this town’s love of horror movies, cartoons and puppetry. I mention this because I recently had the chance to chat with local artist, actor, musician and all-around ghoul Shane Morton.

somafm2 Rusty Hodge talks SomaFM and Cosmic Albums

SomaFM has you hook-up for space music. First launched in February 2000, this San Francisco-based Internet radio station continues to deliver commercial-free, listener-supported content that you just can’t find anywhere else. They currently deliver 22 channels of music to more

1474-1-hearts-of-space Space Music: Stephen Hill talks Hearts of Space and Ambient DNA

I probably listened to “The Hearts of Space” for the first time back in the early 90s during a family beach vacation. I was surfing the local radio stations late one night and suddenly found myself listening to music unlike

joel Space Music: Joel Hodgson Talks Riffing, MST3K

If you’re a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, your fondest memories probably revolve around classic film riffs and the show’s surprisingly believable cast of humans, robots, apes, aliens and mole people. Yet MST3K was also a very musical show, full

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