Space Satan! (CSA_Images/Vetta/Getty) Should NASA fake an interplanetary holy war?

Neil deGrasse Tyson is probably the last person to suggest NASA falsify the threat of alien invasion to play on humanity’s fears. I also doubt he’d suggest that the space agency exploit America’s religious conservative movement with “proof” that said

Pirahã: The Language Without Abstraction, Fiction or Myth

It’s easy to overlook the power of lies. While truth-telling is mentally and physically a normal activity, lying forces us to fake typically subconscious inflections and movements. We construct facts to fabricate a false page of reality and then –

abduction2 Alien Abduction and Indian Captivity Stories

My wife audibly rolled her eyes during the trailer for the upcoming “Cowboys & Aliens” sci-fi flick and after reading an essay in Journal of American Culture by Patricia Felisa Barbeito, I have to admit my head’s spinning a bit

The Pooping Duck: Marvel of 18th Century Robotics

Radiolab’s recent “A Clockwork Miracle” episode concerns a sixteenth-century mechanical monk, but Jad also briefly mentions the wonders of a robotic pooping duck from the 1700s. Yep, you read that right: a centuries-old automaton designed to digest food and poop

The NYC Indian Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Prior to my recent visit to the World Science Festival, I had only heard whispers of the mysterious Panna II Garden Indian Restaurant in New York’s East Village. Now I have experienced it for myself and must dedicate my remaining

firetoilet-feature Poop into the Fire with Incinerating Toilets

I spent yesterday afternoon researching toilet innovations for a future article and, as interesting as pooping technology gets, I wasn’t expecting it to result in a blog post. But here we are, considering the fact that INCNERATING TOILETS EXIST. Yes,

fletcher.-featurejpg Is Mormonism Ideal for Space Exploration?

previously blogged about Jewish, Christian and Islamic ritual in orbit and how we’ve had to rethink traditionally terrestrial rituals and observances. It seems that bearded prophets out of antiquity didn’t even consider the possibility of space stations. But Mormonism is

spacegod-feature Is there room for God on a space mission?

Science continues to alter the shape of religious belief, so how does devotion to a god change in orbit? Would long-distance space travel require the use of on-ship burial plots for Jewish or Muslim astronauts? And what happens if the

btbs022 Big Trouble in Little China: Where is the universe?

John Carpenter’s 1986 film “Big Trouble in Little China” is the greatest film ever made. Sorcery and martial arts? Check. Semi trucks and monsters? Check. A biting commentary on U.S. foreign policy? You’ve got it. And like many of Carpenter’s

manyclones-feature Defeat Your Doppelgängers: Clonal Pluralization

We all want to fit in, but at the same time we want to stand apart from the crowd. We’re thrilled when we’re the first to discover a new musical artist, but then we’re disappointed when our friends don’t jump

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