3teethmvh Space Music: Mark Van Hoen, 3Teeth

We’re about to break for Thanksgiving here at STBYM, so how about a little Space Music? First up, electronic music veteran Mark Van Hoen just released his new album “Nightvision” on Saint Marie Records. If you’re not familiar with Hoen

prowler-featured Space Music: Pye Corner Audio’s ‘Prowler’

Is it too soon for another dose of “Space Music?” I think not, because Pye Corner Audio ((AKA Martin Jenkins) has a new LP scheduled to drop this Friday on More Than Human Records. Titled “Prowler,” it’s a seven-track journey

duneav-featured Space Music: DJ Food, Christine, Black Channels

Let’s have a little Space Music, shall we? First up, I’ve been rediscovering my love for Frank Herbert’s “Dune” saga this fall, yet somehow I missed this fabulous AV mix from musician DJ Food. The visuals were supplied by graphic

theknick-featured Space Music: The Knick, Blanck Mass, Slowly Rising

Steven Soderbergh’s “The Knick” is back for its second season, so I’m currently in TV Heaven. The series is a delightfully non-period piece exploration of early-20th century medical science and American culture — and Cliff Martinez’s incredible electronic score is

halloweenmixes4-featured Halloween Mixes to Combat Decision Fatigue IV

Hey, it’s time for another installment of Halloween Mixes to Combat Decision Fatigue. Perhaps you remember the mission statement here: Don’t waste brain power on a lackluster Halloween mix when you can instead trust a professional DJ’s mix or a

troopers-feature Space Music: DJ Food, Star Wars and Orbital TVs

First up, DJ Food unleashed an awesome “Star Wars” mix lasst week titled “The Tracks Go Off In This Direction…” and it features a full-blown AV component as well. Food has a post on the creation of the mix, but

himurocover-feature Space Music: Himuro Yoshiteru, ‘It Follows’

I’ve featured the music of Himuro Yoshiteru here on Space Music before, so you might remember his distinctly organic take on electronic music. His tracks always feels like a walk through an alien forest — one in which odd bits

neither Space Music: The Black Dog, Heinrich Dressel

I believe I’ve only mentioned The Black Dog in passing here, but the long-running UK electronic act certainly deserves mention here. They’ve been active a good quarter century at this point, helping to pioneer the sound of 90s IDM and

Duneplanet-featured Space Music: Roly Porter, Tleilaxu and Dune Music

I’m well into my re-read of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” for its 50th anniversary, so I thought I’d highlight some Space Music that helps me immerse myself in the universe. Forget the official film scores, because our trajectory to the planet

Monoton-feature Space Music: Monoton, Galactic Nightmare

As our sonic voyage through cosmos continues, let us first consider the deep, hypnotic soundscapes of Monoton. Monoton is the work of Austrian interdisciplinary communication researcher Karl Becker. For decades, he’s kept his hands busy in just about every aspect

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