gtteeth-featured Space Music: Gazelle Twin, Roly Porter

Let’s kick off the week with some Space Music, checking in on the latest from two past favorites. Gazelle Twin has a new release out in the form of “Out of Body,” a kind of darker, ambient extension of her

massive-chalice-featured Space Music: ‘Massive Chalice’ by Trifon & White

I don’t feature video game music much here on Space Music, but there’s a lot of great stuff out there, from Amon Tobin’s work on “Splinter Cell” and “Infamous” to Akira Yamaoka’s superbly-uncanny work on the “Silent Hill” Franchise. It’s a

whereedgesmeet-featured Space Music: Outside Context Solution

We began our recent podcast episode on cargo cults with a discussion of “outside context problems,” the late Iain M. Banks‘ term for a culture’s often-disastrous encounter with an unforeseeable and perhaps unsolvable problem — such as a technologically-superior civilization

Dark Side of the Moog. (Juno Download) Space Music: Dark Side of the Moog

If you’re looking for a cosmic treasure chest of ambient sounds, look no further than “The Dark Side of the Moog,” a decade-spanning collaboration between German electronic musicians Klauz Schulze* and the late Pete Namlook. With track titles like “Wish

blackmountain2-featured Space Music: Black Mountain, Mothers of the Sun

I don’t feature a lot of rock here on Space Music, but I have to highlight some recent material by Black Mountain. The Canadian quintet has been cranking out their unique brand of rock-and-roll for over 10 years now, but

ah2007 Space Music: Aural Holograms

A couple of days ago, horror writer Michael Wehunt joked on Facebook that “Ouija Boards of Canada” is his favorite unused story title. Last night I had the opportunity to chat with him about all things horror and he mentioned

boards-of-canada-big Space Music: ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest: The Movie’

You’re probably familiar with Boards of Canada by this point. Scottish brothers Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin have been a driving force in IDM and ambient electronic music for three decades now — and their 2013 release”Tomorrow’s Harvest” is easily

flyinglotus Space Music: Parisi, Flying Lotus, Spitting Image

I’ve been enjoying the work of Italian electronic artist Alessandro Parisi for a while now. His albums  “La Porta Ermetica” and “Hic Sunt Leones” are two of my go-to writing tracks thanks to their energetic-yet-haunting vibe. They’re soundtracks for nonexistent 1980s

thirdlaw-long Space Music: Roly Porter’s ‘Third Law’

You might remember Roly Porter from my past Space Music post about his Dune-fueled album “Aftertime.” Porter was also kind enough to let us feature a couple of the tracks in our “Science of Dune” episodes. Now the artist is

LOSCOVER-featured Space Music: Maks_SF, Children of Future Sleep

Let’s enjoy a little Space Music.We have two selections this week: one to bring you up and one to put you back down. Our first selection comes from Belarusian electronic artist Max Simchenko (AKA Maks_SF). His album “Last One Standing”

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