flyinglotus Space Music: Parisi, Flying Lotus, Spitting Image

I’ve been enjoying the work of Italian electronic artist Alessandro Parisi for a while now. His albums  “La Porta Ermetica” and “Hic Sunt Leones” are two of my go-to writing tracks thanks to their energetic-yet-haunting vibe. They’re soundtracks for nonexistent 1980s

thirdlaw-long Space Music: Roly Porter’s ‘Third Law’

You might remember Roly Porter from my past Space Music post about his Dune-fueled album “Aftertime.” Porter was also kind enough to let us feature a couple of the tracks in our “Science of Dune” episodes. Now the artist is

LOSCOVER-featured Space Music: Maks_SF, Children of Future Sleep

Let’s enjoy a little Space Music.We have two selections this week: one to bring you up and one to put you back down. Our first selection comes from Belarusian electronic artist Max Simchenko (AKA Maks_SF). His album “Last One Standing”

3TEETH_sized-featured 3Teeth’s Mincolla Talks Esoterism, Music and Art

I recently blogged about LA-based industrial act 3Teeth’s debut album here on Space Music. Specifically, I was taken with the philosophically-tinged, anarchist blend of 90s industrial style and the sort of modern dark electronic ambiance that I’ve come to depend

ashunnedplace-featured2 Space Music: ‘A Shunned Place’ by Polypores

A lot of the electronic music I’ve been enjoying recently fits into the “hauntology” classification: Pye Corner Audio, the Advisory Circle, Heinrich Dressel — they all visit a region of vaguely-nostalgic electronic ambiance that suggests unexplained apparitions, dark wonder and perhaps

sonicd Space Music: Electric Skychurch, Trame

My pal Dave over at Timid Futures turned me onto Electric Skychurch‘s 2001 album “Sonic Diary” a few days ago and I’ve had it in regular Spotify rotation all week. He described it as “very minimal, yet warm and pleasant”

3teethmvh Space Music: Mark Van Hoen, 3Teeth

We’re about to break for Thanksgiving here at STBYM, so how about a little Space Music? First up, electronic music veteran Mark Van Hoen just released his new album “Nightvision” on Saint Marie Records. If you’re not familiar with Hoen

prowler-featured Space Music: Pye Corner Audio’s ‘Prowler’

Is it too soon for another dose of “Space Music?” I think not, because Pye Corner Audio ((AKA Martin Jenkins) has a new LP scheduled to drop this Friday on More Than Human Records. Titled “Prowler,” it’s a seven-track journey

duneav-featured Space Music: DJ Food, Christine, Black Channels

Let’s have a little Space Music, shall we? First up, I’ve been rediscovering my love for Frank Herbert’s “Dune” saga this fall, yet somehow I missed this fabulous AV mix from musician DJ Food. The visuals were supplied by graphic

theknick-featured Space Music: The Knick, Blanck Mass, Slowly Rising

Steven Soderbergh’s “The Knick” is back for its second season, so I’m currently in TV Heaven. The series is a delightfully non-period piece exploration of early-20th century medical science and American culture — and Cliff Martinez’s incredible electronic score is

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