TDposter-feature Space Music: Tangerine Dream, Schulze, Lustmord

As we explore in our podcast episode “The Science of Coincidence,” Synchronicity is a funny thing. The week I finally gave in and signed up for Spotify(three months for 99 cents is hard to resist) is also the week they

KDyear4-feature Space Music: Dark Jovian, Mort Garson, K. Deluxe

Last week I blogged about the promise of Amon Tobin’s “Dark Jovian” and today I can say that it delivers. Tobin’s aim was to capture “a sense of scale, like moving towards impossibly giant objects until they occupy your whole

dumbflesh-feature Space Music: In the Flesh with Blanck Mass

John Carpenter’s album “Lost Themes” dropped a couple of months ago and it delivered a smattering of fine synth tracks from the horror master as expected. But it also featured a handful of incredible remixes from such Sacred Bones Records

ATDJ-feature Space Music: Amon Tobin’s ‘Dark Jovian’ Nears

I’m excited about this one. If you’re at all familiar with Brazilian electronic artist Amon Tobin, then you know he’s constantly exploring new ground. Now he’s taking things into true Space Music territory through the release of his new EP

djfoodfutureshock2-feature Space Music: DJ Food’s ‘Future Shock 2′

I took a little break from blogging there for a few weeks, so I’m still catching up on amazing space music. Here’s a big one: Last month DJ Food released his followup to last year’s “Future Shock” mix. The previous

plan9-feature Space Music: Cheeba’s ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’

I’m catching up on my Space Music and first stop is a new project from DJ Cheeba based around the cult-classic b-movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space.” The 1959 film is of course Ed Wood’s masterpiece, which continues to resonate

NASAlights-feature Space Music: NASA Audio Library, NatGeo Space Kit

This edition of Space Music takes the series back towards its more literal roots: sounds from and of outer space. First up, as previously reported over at Create Digital Music, NASA has recently released a large portion of their audio

avc-feature Space Music: Advisory Circle, Shea Micro

When entering into a new year, it behooves to imbue new doses of space music. Let’s dose up. First up, I’ve been hearing about UK-based The Advisory Circle for years, but only gave them a proper listen recently. The latest

nostromo-featured Space Music: Carpenter Brut, 67P & ‘Alien’ Ambient

The holidays are ultimately about our annual cosmic journey through the unforgiving cold of winter. Like a generation ship en route to a distant star, it’s all about the desperate hope that we’ll emerge from the void and find new

visionsofdune-feature Space Music: Bernard Szajner’s ‘Visions of Dune’

I hold Frank Herbert’s “Dune” right up there as one of my favorite books of all time. It’s psychedelic, philosophical, ecological and succeeds in crafting a universe of intrigue unparalleled by almost any other single volume of science fiction. So

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