SFSL Roundup: Halloween Shenanigans

It’s been a little more like Stuff From the Mad Science Lab in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Shovels in hand, Allison and I have trudged off into the moonlit cemeteries to unearth a number of grotesque, chilling and

SFSL Roundup: Perfume, Stinky Animals and Cosmic Smells

Oh man, do we have a nose full of Stuff From the Science Lab for you this week! We depend on our sense of smell to process the world around us, and both of this weeks’ episodes get down to

SFSL Roundup: Space Elevators and the Kardashev Scale

There’s a part in William Gibson’s cyberpunk classic “Neuromancer” where one character waxes poetic over the prospect of human beings falling in league with a pair of rogue artificial intelligences. “For thousands of years men dreamed of pacts with demons,”

SFSL Roundup: Green Roofs and Smart Grids

Summer has been a stupefying affair. The MARTA trains reek of sweat and commuters from a thousand different walks of life stare heat-stunned and panting at the floor as they try to remember who they are and where they’re going

SFSL Roundup: Prosthetic Limbs and Robotic Weapons

I loved the idea of robotic limbs when I was a child. Sci-fi aside, the world of prosthetic limbs continues to amaze me. Technology still can’t fully replace a lost limb, but they can restore a great deal of function.

SFSL Roundup: World-Changing Science Experiments

In Stephen King’s “The Mist” and “The Stand,” government experiments play the key role in bringing about biblical Armageddon and monster invasions. In real life, however, a number of scientific experiments changed the world for the better. I guess it’s

SFSL Podcast Roundup: Frozen Heads and Fine Wine

I don’t know about where you are, but things have been pretty sweltering here in Atlanta. It’s been so hot, in fact, that we decided to chill things off a bit with this week’s podcast topics. First, how about a

SFSL Podcast Roundup: Robots! Compost! Worms!

Like most males of my demographic, I’ve been playing a lot of “Red Dead Redemption” of late on the old Xbox 360 and am suffering from a severe hankering to use excessive cowboy speak at work. So I’ll go ahead

FEET! SFSL Roundup: Hurricane Full of Hookworms

Growing up, I was always told to slip on a pair of shoes if I was going to play outdoors. Granted, I did part of my growing up in Newfoundland, Canada, where going barefoot was a great way to lose

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