robotwar-feature Are terminators real?

(May 28, 2010) – You won’t see mechanized humanoid soldiers on the battlefield soon, but robotic air and land units are here. Thousands of them aid in disarming bombs, and a variety of surveillance drones soar the skies, ranging from

Metropolis-feature Are robots alive?

(April 8, 2010) — The University of Tokyo’s JSK Robotics Laboratory recently unveiled Kojiro, a new humanoid robot designed to operate in a household environment. Built from lightweight, flexible material on a skeletal structure, the robot’s appearance and movements are

torsoinmetal-feature Art Spotlight: Jacob Epstein’s ‘Torso in Metal’

Let’s take a moment to consider the stark metallic humanoid of Jacob Epstein’s ‘Torso in Metal.’ Epstein (1880-1959) made his name in the art world through the creation of stark, controversial modern sculptures. This piece is particularly interesting since it

lawnbot-feature Retrofuturist Flashback: Robot Lawn Mowers

The simply joys of a lazy summer afternoon are best enjoyed if a robot does all the yard work for you, and this 1958 illustration presents an image of just what that might entail. Actually it’s a fairly accurate vision

cut-feature Futuristic Surgical Blade Can Taste Cancer

They say a man’s only as good as his tools, but what would “they” say about the cancer-detecting iKnife? The smart surgical instrument is the work of Dr Zoltan Takats of Imperial College London. It’s essentially an electrosurgical knife attached

canadianrobot-feature My Canadian TV Childhood: ASTAR, Switchback

As listeners to the podcast probably know, I spent part of my childhood in Newfoundland, Canada. My fam only lived there for three years, but I must have watched a lot of TV in that time. Heck, I guess I

The Fantastic Voyage of Endoscopic Cameras

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to turn yourself inside out to travel the cramped tunnels of your own digestive track. Just swallow a pill-shaped camera-bot, grab a bowl of pop corn, then just sit back and watch

Blow Your Mind: Robotic Roomates and the Science of Smell

So I think this bit of fan mail from our listener John sets up this week’s episodes rather nicely: “Listening to Robots podcast and y’all keep mentioning Roombas, and I know you are cat people. We on a Skeptical Listserve

Blow Your Mind: Waiter, There's a Microdrone in my Soup!

What’s that buzzing around the room? A bird? A plane? Nope, it’s just a robotic insect sent by some shadow government to spy on our every move. Yes, welcome to the age of the microdrone. In this episode of Stuff

Robot Sperm Collectors are Among Us

Well I’m all grown up now. Yes, Julie and I have discussed the reality and inevitability of sexbots before on the Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast and now Chinese developers have created sperm-collecting robots designed to stimulate human males

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