deathonmars-feature Does Islam forbid one-way death trips to Mars?

What happens when we take our terrestrial religions into extraterrestrial territory? It’s a question that always fascinates me, whether we’re talking about praying to Mecca in orbit or the cosmos-friendly aspects of the Mormon faith.  And now we have a

sophia-feature Hell is Here: The Gnostic Option

  Hell is here on Earth. Just casual attention to current events and the terror of history tends to support that notion. The concept also factored into a rather memorable episode of This American Life titled “Heretics,” in which Reverend

Stream it: 'Kumaré: The True Story of a False Prophet'

I caught the documentary “Kumaré” on Netflix last night and found it overall a fascinating look at gurus and spiritual leaders. See, the whole gimmick at first sounds like a Sacha Baron Cohen bit: American filmmaker Vikram Gandhi recreates himself

BTILCgame-feature Musings: Religion, Game Design and Salad Bar Spirituality

“There’s Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoist alchemy and sorcery. We take what we want and leave the rest… Just like your salad bar.” That’s a quote from Egg Shen (Victor Wong) in John Carpenter’s “Big Trouble in Little China,” a film

Blow the Mind: Hammer of the Witches

Imagine a half million corpses — mostly women — piled high on a pyre. Imagine an age of social turmoil, spiritual crisis and technological revolution. Imagine an age in which children as young as seven were executed for the crime

Space Satan! (CSA_Images/Vetta/Getty) Should NASA fake an interplanetary holy war?

Neil deGrasse Tyson is probably the last person to suggest NASA falsify the threat of alien invasion to play on humanity’s fears. I also doubt he’d suggest that the space agency exploit America’s religious conservative movement with “proof” that said

Atheism, Fundamentalism and Possibilianism

Is there a God? Did some unimaginable divine hand set the course of human events or does it all boil down to a genetic mandate of propagation? Do you lay your offerings before the strict, atheistic machinations of science or

Science and Religion: Two Shades of Why

Yesterday I blogged about Vatican astronomer Guy J. Consolmagno’s thoughts on the relationship between science and religion — and the conflict that sometimes emerges there. I thought the planetary scientists turned Jesuit brother presented a very positive, thought-provoking view on

Can science and religion coexist?

My friend Bill made an interesting statement on Twitter today: “Maybe we can cut a deal where all the biologists can believe in God in return for evangelicals believing in evolution.” This was particularly amusing because I attended a lecture

The Laws of Science (and Faith)

Devout environmentalism is now tantamount to religious conviction — in British law at least. No, the UK hasn’t made a mass return to its Druidical past, enshrining the cycles of the moon in law or worshipping sun gods with parabolic

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