UnpaintedGaneshas-feature Does thinking about God result in risk-taking?

Above we see unfinished sculptures of the Hindu god Ganesha, patron of arts and sciences — as well as the revered “remover of obstacles.” So if you’re even a partial-believer, you want Big G on your side — but how

creationart2-feature Study Dissects the Religious/Scientific Worldview

How do we balance our multiple and often-contradictory worldviews? How do we cobble together an understanding of the visible and invisible universe from the scientific, cultural, mythic and spiritual elements at our disposal? To quote the great, fictional Egg Shen,

ancientofdays-feature Is God conscious? Is God aware?

“Deep in each man is the knowledge that something knows of his existence. Something knows, and cannot be fled nor hid from.” ―Cormac McCarthy, “The Crossing” I love that quote because it cuts right to heart of attention schema theory

angelandchrist-feature Is God a highly-evolved extraterrestrial being?

Before I begin, let me preface by saying this post isn’t about ancient astronauts. It’s about the God of the Gap, the theological perspective that the supernatural merely occupies the gaps in our scientific understanding of the universe. It’s generally

rahu_by_ohnios-feature Indian Astronomy and the Hindu Demon of Eclipse

If you witnessed this week’s lunar eclipse, then perhaps you did a little time traveling. What did ancient peoples make of such a cosmic spectacle? How did they attempt to understand a lunar or solar eclipse? One of my favorite

deathonmars-feature Does Islam forbid one-way death trips to Mars?

What happens when we take our terrestrial religions into extraterrestrial territory? It’s a question that always fascinates me, whether we’re talking about praying to Mecca in orbit or the cosmos-friendly aspects of the Mormon faith.  And now we have a

healinggod-feature Does belief in a god aid psychiatric treatment?

Do Yahweh, Dhanvantari and the Flying Spaghetti Monster have a place in an insane asylum? There’s a loaded question for you. But according to a new study from Harvard Medical School’s David H. Rosmarin, belief in a divine power may

shaman Blow Your Mind: The Scientist and the Shaman

Inspired in large part by Emory University’s “For I am the Black Jaguar” exhibit (get the book here), we explore some of the common ground between psychedelically-fueled spirituality and scientific research into the effects and nature of psychedelic experience. Here’s

spaceshiva-feature Blow Your Mind: Gimme That Old Time Space Religion

Will humans leave religion behind when they become an interplanetary species? Not hardly. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I grab our Orange Catholic Bibles and discuss how manned space exploration affects our belief systems

fletcher.-featurejpg Is Mormonism Ideal for Space Exploration?

previously blogged about Jewish, Christian and Islamic ritual in orbit and how we’ve had to rethink traditionally terrestrial rituals and observances. It seems that bearded prophets out of antiquity didn’t even consider the possibility of space stations. But Mormonism is

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