ghoulies-feature Monster of the Week: Ghoulies

Children of the VHS era suffer a common fear of toilets, and we have the ghouies to blame. These third-rate gremlins traumatized an entire generation, all thanks to a toilet-emergent goblinoid on a video box. Oh, you might have wandered

slugs-f Pooping live garden slugs? Call Science

In anticipation of this week’s interview with Mary Roach I’ve been reading her latest book, “Gulp.” As expected it’s an hilarious, insightful scientific journey through the digestive system. But when I ran across mention of J.C. Dalton’s 1865 paper  “Experimental

Cognitive Sewage: All Water Has Been Pooped In

You know how it goes. NASA creates an amazing new water filtration system and the headline winds up reading “Astronauts Drink Recycled Urine, and Celebrate.” Try as we might, we just can’t think about that fresh glass of filtered space

Blow Your Mind: The Pooping Duck or When Robots Digest

Step right up and behold a marvel of 18th century robotics! See the Jacques de Vaucanson’s fabulous digesting duck, the clockwork miracle capable of reproducing the biological miracles of ingestion, digestion and defecation! In this episode of Stuff to Blow

The Pooping Duck: Marvel of 18th Century Robotics

Radiolab’s recent “A Clockwork Miracle” episode concerns a sixteenth-century mechanical monk, but Jad also briefly mentions the wonders of a robotic pooping duck from the 1700s. Yep, you read that right: a centuries-old automaton designed to digest food and poop

firetoilet-feature Poop into the Fire with Incinerating Toilets

I spent yesterday afternoon researching toilet innovations for a future article and, as interesting as pooping technology gets, I wasn’t expecting it to result in a blog post. But here we are, considering the fact that INCNERATING TOILETS EXIST. Yes,

Why do sloths climb down to poop?

Last week I traveled to Costa Rica with my wife and yes, I experienced a diverse sampling of all Central America has to offer: volcanoes, rain forests, violent stomach illness, breathtaking flora and some of the more remarkable fauna on

How to Shock the Poop out of a Swimming Pool

So I dropped by the local YMCA for a swim over the weekend and was disappointed to find that the pool was “closed for routine maintenance.” Disappointed, I hit the sauna and wound up chatting with a mechanical engineer. In

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