Scary-ALF-Art-by-Flavio-Luccisano-feature Monster of the Week: ALF the Alien Life Form

Perhaps you don’t remember ALF. This extraterrestrial horror visited our planet in the late 1980s, first residing in the United States before fleeing to the security of German xeno-cultists. After a frenzied return to the states, the creature made a

sexzombie-feature Why Parasites Don’t Turn Us Into Sex Zombies

Parasites use a host of ingenious and bizarre methods to hijack a host organism, all in order to continue their life cycles. They transform ants into stumbling zombies, make rats crave cat urine and turn mammals into rabid biters. Yet

parasiteeve-feature Are parasites making me sexy?

Let’s face it, ladies: If at all possible, you’d like to have it going on this weekend. Yet as effortless as some gals make it look, there’s an art to being sexy. Sometimes that carefree smile requires the inner confidence

upstreamcolor-feature ‘Upstream Color’ Worms Into Your Mind

Have you ever been Upstream Colored? If so, you know how it goes: A stranger slips you a parasitic worm that leaves you ultra-susceptible to mind control. Pretty soon you’re guzzling down water, memorizing “On Walden Pond” and emptying your

Why so quiet? Louse got your tongue? (Image courtesy Discovery News) Blow Your Mind: Parasite Got Your Tongue?

Sure, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, but it’s also a louse-eat-tongue world. Organisms do what they can to get ahead and sometimes that means crawling inside a fish head chewing out a niche. In this episode of Stuff to

Pass the Infected Caterpillar Himalayan Viagra

Researching Tibet is like reading about some fantastic other world, where psychonaut monks chart the realms beyond death and body breakers offer up corpses as alms to the scavengers of the sky. So it should come as no surprise to

Parasitic Wasp Employs Zombie Ladybug to Guard Cocoon

To quote esteemed mad scientist Seth Brundle, “Insects don’t have politics.” Theirs is a world of intricate brutality and wasps have been excelling in it for more than a hundred million years. This latest example comes to us in this

Hookworm Blow Your Mind: Fecal Transplants and Other Matter(s)

Ah, symbiosis. It’s taking place everywhere, at this very moment. Consider: Trillions of bacteria are milling about in your gut, and they greatly outnumber your gut’s own cells. If your gut were picking tonight’s movie by quorum, the bacteria would

"Parasites: A User's Guide" Tackles Helminthic Therapy

Parasites compose some of the more fascinating and successful organisms on the planet, but it’s hard not to focus on the yuck factor when there’s a botfly larva squirming inside a dude’s head. So it’s pretty cool to see a

FEET! SFSL Roundup: Hurricane Full of Hookworms

Growing up, I was always told to slip on a pair of shoes if I was going to play outdoors. Granted, I did part of my growing up in Newfoundland, Canada, where going barefoot was a great way to lose

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