NASAlights-feature Space Music: NASA Audio Library, NatGeo Space Kit

This edition of Space Music takes the series back towards its more literal roots: sounds from and of outer space. First up, as previously reported over at Create Digital Music, NASA has recently released a large portion of their audio

venusart-feature ‘Night Gallery’ Painting or NASA Image?

This dark and lovely image would look at home either in Rod Sterling’s ghoulish “Night Gallery” as in a NASA gallery. And indeed, despite its abstract qualities and seeming vista of a Lovecraftian cosmos, it’s actually a 1991 radar image

Photographer Chases Apollo Space Pioneers in "Moonbug"

British-born, New Yorker photographer Steve Pyke has made it his mission to document historically important individuals through portraiture and still-life photography. Having previously worked with World War II veterans and Holocaust survivors, he recently turned his attention to profiling the

fletcher.-featurejpg Is Mormonism Ideal for Space Exploration?

previously blogged about Jewish, Christian and Islamic ritual in orbit and how we’ve had to rethink traditionally terrestrial rituals and observances. It seems that bearded prophets out of antiquity didn’t even consider the possibility of space stations. But Mormonism is

spacegod-feature Is there room for God on a space mission?

Science continues to alter the shape of religious belief, so how does devotion to a god change in orbit? Would long-distance space travel require the use of on-ship burial plots for Jewish or Muslim astronauts? And what happens if the

Space Music: SETI Artist in Residence and an Orbital Flautist

We have some cool bits of Space Music to roundup this week. First, we’ve already covered NASA’s first and last artist in residence (AIR), but what about SETI? The ET-seeking non-profit just signed on multimedia artist Charles Lindsay for a

Space Music: Discovery Wakes up to Shatner, Big Head Todd

Remember NASA’s “Space Rock” contest? Well, 2.4 million people cast their online ballots to vote for some orbital wake-up music. Sadly, they were limited to a list of 40 previously played wake-up songs that included such tracks as “Kryptonite” by

Space Music: NASA Wants Your Wake-up Songs

Ah, the NASA wake-up song! It’s been a tradition since the crew of 1965′s Gemini VI-A woke up to “Hello, Dolly,” and it’s slated to carry on through the final space shuttle missions when astronauts wake up to whatever space

Project Orion: Nuking Our Way to Mars

Have you ever watched an action hero fly through the air, propelled in slow motion by the massive explosion erupting behind them? This slice of cinematic cheese gives you a decent taste of how NASA considered propelling spacecraft in the

Space Music: NASA's Artist in Residence

Given NASA’s recent financial woes, it’s hard to imagine a time when the U.S. space program found room in its budget for an artist-in-residence. Between 2003 and 2005, NASA paid experimental performance artist Laurie Anderson $20,000 to create a film

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