Kappa-feature Slice into ‘A Natural History of the Fantastic’

If you follow my Monster of the Week blogs (and the Monster Science video series), then you know I’m all about that place where fictional monsters collide with scientific reality. So I definitely wanted to spotlight a Kickstarter project that

thedead-feature The Threat of Ancient Mesopotamian Zombies

As we’ve discussed in previous STBYM episodes about zombies, the notion of shambling undead hoards strikes a real chord with our modern world. They’re an endless checklist. They’re a fantasy in which indiscriminate violence solves all our problems. So zombiemania

pacificrim-feature ‘Pacific Rim’ Punches Monsters/Science in the Face

I caught Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” over the weekend and, first and foremost, it’s a film that completely delivers on its promises. I think New York Times film critic A.O. Scott summed it up pretty nicely in his review:

judasbreed2 Happy Birthday, Franz Kafka!

Yes, today marks the 130th birthday of influential German author Franz Kafka. Given my tastes in the dark and grotesque, I was of course overjoyed when “The Metamorphosis” was first assigned to me in school. I went on to read

YPF-feature Shane Morton on ‘Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell’

Say what you will about Atlanta, but there’s no doubting this town’s love of horror movies, cartoons and puppetry. I mention this because I recently had the chance to chat with local artist, actor, musician and all-around ghoul Shane Morton.

krampus-feature The Christmas War on Krampus

Since the Nazis were all about casting out Christianity and embracing the old gods, you’d think that German-speaking socialists of the 1930s would be cool with nasty old Krampus. But not so, according to a Dec. 23, 1934 New York

Blow The Mind: The Science of Gremlins and Mogwai

Mogwai and Gremlins might SEEM the most unrealistic little monsters ever to crawl out of the 1980s, but nothing could be further from the truth. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Julie dissect Gremlin/mogwai biology

fatboys Five Awesome Halloween Hip-Hop Videos

I’ll keep this short and sweet. You love Halloween. You love a little hip-hop in your life. So here are a handful of suitably seasonal rap videos. The first one, brought to my attention by DJ Food via Twitter, is

centaurpainting-feature Monster of the Week: The Centaur with Two Hearts

I don’t have to convince you that Centaurs are amazing. They stroll boldly through thousands of years worth of art, canter through our literary classics and their Photoshopped bodies continue to scandalize the Web. They are of course human/equine hybrids,

Blow Your Mind: Godzilla, Kong, Barbie and Real World Monsters

Are you terrified of giant monster attacks on your city? Well then this is the podcast episode for you. Join us as we calm your fears with a healthy dose of science. Would monsters like Godzilla and King Kong even

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