future-shock-title-feature Retrofuturist Flashback: ‘Future Shock’ (1972 Film)

In this week’s podcast episodes about Alvin Toffler’s 1970 book “Future Shock” we also discuss the 1972 documentary version quite a bit. It’s more sensational and hyperbolic than the book by far, but it’s also fantastic retrofuturist fun. Narrated by

spacevideostill Space Music: ‘I’m Aquarius’ by Metronomy

I’ve been meaning to post this video ever since the good Peter Krahn sent it to me last month. The track comes to us from British electronic group Metronomy and all the cosmic visuals take place under the direction of

booster-feature Mind-Blowing Video: Ride the Boosters

Who doesn’t love some good booster footage? This one’s been sucking in the views on YouTube this week, so let’s enjoy it here where the user comments don’t ask questions like “How can you here that sound effects (IN THE

Her_Masters_Voice-feature Stream it: ‘Her Master’s Voice’

If you listened to our recent podcast episode “Ventriloquism: The Science of Dummies” then you’re already benefiting from a more nuanced understanding of the complex psychology and performance art involved in the ventriloquism. Then you learned a little more in

chicken The Chicken Neck is Nature's Steadicam

My wife is a professional photographer and she’s been experimenting with the Steadicam Merlin recently — a remarkable stabilizing camera mount that balances everything out for super smooth handheld footage. This video demonstrates it all really well: But does a

Stream it: 'Kumaré: The True Story of a False Prophet'

I caught the documentary “Kumaré” on Netflix last night and found it overall a fascinating look at gurus and spiritual leaders. See, the whole gimmick at first sounds like a Sacha Baron Cohen bit: American filmmaker Vikram Gandhi recreates himself

canadianrobot-feature My Canadian TV Childhood: ASTAR, Switchback

As listeners to the podcast probably know, I spent part of my childhood in Newfoundland, Canada. My fam only lived there for three years, but I must have watched a lot of TV in that time. Heck, I guess I

The Frightening Audio of 'Dead Space 3'

I love space horror, so of course I’m playing through “Dead Space 3.” As expected, it delivers quite an elaborate gaming experience. You wander the monster-haunted halls of derelict space ships. You shamble through blinding arctic wastes. You swim serenely

Performance Artists Reanimate Fresh Pig Hearts

Not since Wim Delvoye’s Cloaca robot first pooped onto a conveyer belt has a work touched me with such a wonderfully bizarre mixture of performance art and science. Behold “The Body is a Big Place,” in which Peta Clancy and

'Chariots of the Gods' Lands on Netflix

Sometimes I work in a little Netflix Streaming over my morning coffee. It’s how I’m slowly watching Lars von Trier’s “Antichrist” in tolerable 5 minute intervals and how I somehow watch “Barbarella” once a month. This morning, I chanced upon

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