DecapitatingGod-feature Monster of the Week: The Decapitating God

Many unnatural creatures revel in human decapitation. From the hatchet-wielding headless horsemen of the West to Gashadokuro, the starving skeleton of Japanese mythology, the impulse to slice or gnaw a person’s head off seems universal. And why shouldn’t it be?

gelfling1-feature Monster of the Week: The Gelflings of Thra

As we explore in Jim Henson’s “The Dark Crystal,” the planet Thra is a world ravaged by schism and colonialism. Alien UrSkeks arrived on the planet during the first great conjunction and promptly divided into two distinct species: the zen-like

walkingdeadguts--feature Monster of the Week: The Odorous Zombie

The biology of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” can prove a tad confusing at times. Why do zombies eat? Why don’t they rot? Who shaved Rick’s neck in the hospital? As perplexing as these questions may be, most characters on the

sexbug-feature Sex-Reversed Cave Bugs Pack Spiny Female Penises

And you humans think you’re so kinky and inventive. Meet the Brazilian cave insects of the Neotrogla genus. We’re talking four distinct species here and they mark the first documented example of an animal with sex-reversed genitalia. That’s right, as

Pass the Infected Caterpillar Himalayan Viagra

Researching Tibet is like reading about some fantastic other world, where psychonaut monks chart the realms beyond death and body breakers offer up corpses as alms to the scavengers of the sky. So it should come as no surprise to

Mind-Blowing Video: Microcosmos, Fashion Tumors and More

This installment of Mind-Blowing Video is going to be all over the place, so BEAR WITH ME and for Carl’s sake don’t play them all at once. First up, let’s hit the trailer for the best nature documentary you probably

Ming-blowing Video: Counting Ants and Flying Termites at 19,000 Feet!

It’s Friday and spring is in the air, so let’s watch a video about bugs in the air. In fact, let’s watch a video about roughly 3 billion bugs soaring along invisible highways in the sky. This one comes courtesy

GWAR2-feature Insect Self Defense #32: Bleed All Over the Place

Face it, no matter how many YouTube videos you watch on the subject, trying to disarm a gun-toting attacker is probably going to get you shot. Thus, I suggest an alternative course of action — a biomimetic self defense strategy

Will an ant mega-colony rule the planet?

Will there ever come a day when all humans live in peace, with every child born into a united brotherhood of man? Well, keep writing folk songs, hippie, because we’re still killing each other. Meanwhile, colonies of Argentine ants around

Ants Give Up On Males, Become All-Female Species

A few weeks ago, an old friend of mine was bemoaning her inability to understand men. I told her to take a close look at insects and everything will begin to seem a lot more cut-and-dried. Not to say you

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