phibesorgan-feature Halloween Mixes To Combat Decision Fatigue III

I say it every year: Have pity on your Halloween party goers, coworkers and the hoards of trick-or-treaters who darken your door. Don’t cobble together your own rushed mix tape when you can instead benefit from professional DJ mixes and

rubberfunk-Small Dr. Rubberfunk Talks Halloween Mixes and Music

Each year I highlight Halloween Mixes to Combat Decision Fatigue, because there’s no sense wasting precious brain power on a playlist when talented folk like Dr. Rubberfunk are already on the case. The good Dr. Rubberfunk (AKA Simon Ward) gave

subtemple-II-image-feature Chris Gladwin Discusses The Wyrding Module

If you tuned in to our episode “The Science of Uncanny Music,” you sampled some sinister sounds and thought-provoking insight from musician Chris Gladwin. As promised, here’s a complete interview with the man behind The Wyrding Module. Be sure to

fatboys Five Awesome Halloween Hip-Hop Videos

I’ll keep this short and sweet. You love Halloween. You love a little hip-hop in your life. So here are a handful of suitably seasonal rap videos. The first one, brought to my attention by DJ Food via Twitter, is

More Halloween Mixes To Combat Decision Fatigue

If you’re throwing a Halloween shindig this year, you know the anguish that comes with putting together a spectacular playlist. Is “Monster Mash” too lame? Is “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” kosher with my converging friend groups? Decisions, decisions, decisions. And of

Conserve Brain Power, Download a Halloween Mix

In Stuff to Blow Your Mind’s recent episode Decision Fatigue: Death by 1,000 Choices, I mentioned that one way to cut down on the steady attrition of your decision-making faculties is to trust in a good DJ or mix podcast.

Blow Your Mind: Frankenstein's Monster

Victor Frankenstein’s tortured and brooding creation has become an avatar for scientific anxiety and horror. How far will we push and what are the existential ramifications? In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I explore the

Blow Your Mind: What's in a Witches Brew?

Gather round the cauldron with us as we ladle out hefty servings of magical thinking, medieval psychedelics, feminist history and the power of ritual. Just what was old-school witchery all about? This episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind has

Blow Your Mind: The Candy Corn Menace

Children crave candy like ravenous fiends. Whether double-fisting gummy worms or pouring an endless cascade of sugar into their breakfast cereal, their appetite for sweets seems insatiable. Hold a handful of Twizzlers out to a hungry child and you’ll probably

Blow Your Mind: The Creepy Cool World of Imaginary Friends

Why do small children chat with invisible friends? No, they’re not conversing with ghosts or hosting tea parties for demonic spirits. As it turns out, those creepy cool encounters with unreal beings is just a part of how the human

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