Wind Farms Can Change the Weather

Forget sonic headaches. The latest piece of wind-power news has to do with the weather. According to a recent study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, utility-scale wind farms can change surrounding temperatures.Read more ›

The Laws of Science (and Faith)

Devout environmentalism is now tantamount to religious conviction — in British law at least. No, the UK hasn’t made a mass return to its Druidical past, enshrining the cycles of the moon in law or worshipping sun gods with parabolic

Monkeys, Historic Trials and Climate Change: Where's the missing link?

Until yesterday, you could have rightly assumed monkey trials and global warming had nothing to do with each other. But that was before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, concerned over possible emissions regulations, challenged the EPA to a global warming

Dear NASA, Please Help Us Track Emissions

The reign of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) was supposed to begin last February. The climate observation instrument would have mapped atmospheric carbon dioxide and tracked greenhouse gas emissions. It would have finally answered some big questions about global warming

"Global Warming" Gets a PR Makeover

How much does unappealing language hold back messages about global warming, um, I mean the “deteriorating atmosphere?” That’s what the nonprofit PR firm ecoAmerica set out to study. Its findings suggested that no, people don’t want to hear about “global

10 Planet Hacking Schemes — No. 1: Man-made Volcanoes

My father-in-law is a fan of the site and loves discussing article topics with me. A couple of months back, we wound up discussing methods of tinkering with the environment and brought up the ridiculous notion of setting off nuclear

10 Planet Hacking Schemes — No. 7: Space Mirrors

Yesterday we talked about taking some of the heat out of global warming by planting reflective crops. The more solar radiation we reflect, the less is emitted as terrestrial radiation to heat up the green house gases in our atmosphere.

The Oceans Are Getting Saltier

The oceans are getting saltier, and it’s apparently in direct response to man-made climate change. Peter Stott, head of climate monitoring and attribution at the Met Office in Exeter, England, determined this after studying 50 years’ worth of data and

EPA: Greenhouse Gases Endanger Health

This just in: Greenhouse gases endanger human health and welfare. That probably sounds like old news to most folks. After all, we’ve known about global warming and its dangerous effects for years now (everything from pollution-related asthma to temperature-related outbreaks

Global Warming Vs. Nuclear Winter

In writing a recent article about nuclear winter, I ran across this outrageous statement quite a bit: “Couldn’t we just cancel out global warming with nuclear winter?” The short answer? Yes. And you can also cure a hangnail with a

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