dumbflesh-feature Space Music: In the Flesh with Blanck Mass

John Carpenter’s album “Lost Themes” dropped a couple of months ago and it delivered a smattering of fine synth tracks from the horror master as expected. But it also featured a handful of incredible remixes from such Sacred Bones Records

GenestealerArt-feature Monster of the Week: The Tyranid Genestealer

You’ve lived in the 41st millennium long enough to fear the Tyranid hive fleets: that seemingly endless stream of bio-ships, soldier species and bioweapons, all psychically linked to a single Hive Mind and destined to consume all the biomass in

riverreavers-feature Geneticists Plot Hyper-Aggressive Wasps

The word “aggression” usually summons images of drunken brawls, the eruption of war and maybe a few bloodthirsty Reavers. But is aggression as much the glue that binds a peaceful society together as it is the agent of its destruction?

Genestealers_by_Scebiqu2 Monster of the Week: The Tyranid Genestealer

Xenobiologists know the intergalactic threat posed by the Tyranids quite well. These voracious aliens wage a war of extermination against all organic lifeforms in an endless attempt to consume all biomass and incorporate all genetic codes. But first they send

U.S. Senator Battles Human-Animal Hybrids

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most of us are staunchly against the idea of genetically engineering a race of half man, half animal monsters. Centaur fetishist aside (look it up, folks), I think

Genetic Breakthrough May Let You Saddle up a Zebra

Want to ride a zebra like Tanya Roberts in “Sheena, Queen of the Jungle?” Well, a little genetics stands in the way of that, and a team of scientists claim to have discovered the very genes responsible. Read more ›

Scientists Unlock the Tooth Garden

Our bodies possess remarkable natural healing capabilities. Throw in a little modern medical science and our ability to bounce back from an injury looks even better. Broken bones fuse back together. Ageing eyes return to 20/20 vision. With a few

Hyena Poop > Mummies

Archeologists recently discovered the oldest human hairs ever found in a pile of fossilized hyena poop. Between 195,000 and 257,000 years ago, some hapless hunter-gatherer wound up in the belly of the scavenger and subsequently on the floor of a

Science Laughs At Your Wiener Dog

We’ve been snickering at our wiener dogs and their short little legs since the 15th century and yet genetic science has only recently allowed us to understand exactly why they’re so cute.Read more ›

Did Neanderthals Get It On With Humans?

As millions scrambled for gifts or grumbled bitterly in the final 48 hours leading up to Valentine’s Day, BBC News reported that any Neanderthal wooing of Homo sapiens likely resulted in heartbreaking rejection. Read more ›

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