catsofegypt-feature Did cats pee on ancient Egyptian rugs?

  “Let’s not overreact,” Imhotep said. “It’s just a rug. Besides, we only domesticated them a short while ago. These things take time.” “But she keeps peeing on the same rug!” “I know, dear.” “And why does she eat all

"Catnip: Egress to Oblivion" Wins Over Sundance

This is excellent. “Catnip: Egress to Oblivion” captures all the fun of dosing our beloved pets with mind-altering substances with the hyperbolic style of 1970s anti-drug films. And further proving the power of cat videos, it also won the Audience

Robots Will Cook You Dinner

Earlier this month, Tokyo’s International Food Machinery and Technology Expo became a regular Robo Kitchen Stadium. Who will win? Okonomiyaki Robot or Chef Robot?Read more ›

Cat Parasites Wrecked My Automobile

No seriously, I’m fine — as is my car and (presumably) my cat. But this is just the sort of claim you might hear a lot of in the future if researchers at Charles University in Prague are really onto

China Has a Cat with Wings

A quick scan of the news is often enough to confirm that we’re living in the end times: melting ice caps, failing economies, nuclear weapons tests and celebrity gossip covering all four top spots on the Yahoo front page. But

Cats vs. Babies: That Old Rivalry

If you’ve ever sat through a viewing of Stephen King’s “Cat’s Eye,” you know that cats don’t actually climb into the beds of child actresses and suck their breath out — you’re thinking of tiny wall trolls. Still, a great

Are animals spying for the CIA?

Do you ever feel like animals are spying on you? Is that bird in the window listening to your conversations? Does the cat snoop through your e-mail while you’re at work? Perhaps, in your calmer moments, you chalk it all

Toilet-Trained Cats vs. Sea Otters: Part II

In yesterday’s blog, I looked into allegations that efforts to toilet train cats were decimating the California sea otter population. A parasite called Toxoplasma gondii frequently shows up in cat feces (this is also the reason you shouldn’t mess with

Toilet-Trained Cats Threaten Environment

Sure, the idea of cats using the toilet may sound efficient, but California sea otters and other marine animals could be paying the price for your scoop-free lifestyle. The parasite Toxoplasma gondii shows up in cat feces and, sadly enough,

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