Blow Your Mind: Big Science of 2012 (with videos)

As you leave 2012 in the dust, join Julie and I as we take one last look in the rear-view mirror at some of the truly mind blowing science that went down in the past year. Plus here are a

From-Beyond-Pretorious2 Monster of the Week: Dr. Edward Pretorius

As you’ll remember from the film “From Beyond” (watch it on Hulu here), Dr. Edward Pretorius pioneered use of the Resonator, a device that expands human perceptions of reality via wave manipulation of the pineal gland. As the photo illustrates,

christmasghost-feature Did Ebenezer Scrooge take a mountain of DMT?

Christmas is magic. Christmas is transformative. And since we’re dropping two episodes on the psychedelics, science and shamanism the week of Dec. 25, I keep wondering if everyone’s favorite holiday curmudgeon didn’t smoke DMT on that fateful Christmas Eve. Because

More Halloween Mixes To Combat Decision Fatigue

If you’re throwing a Halloween shindig this year, you know the anguish that comes with putting together a spectacular playlist. Is “Monster Mash” too lame? Is “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” kosher with my converging friend groups? Decisions, decisions, decisions. And of

somafm2 Space Music: Rusty Hodge talks SomaFM and Cosmic Albums

SomaFM has you hook-up for space music. First launched in February 2000, this San Francisco-based Internet radio station continues to deliver commercial-free, listener-supported content that you just can’t find anywhere else. They currently deliver 22 channels of music to more

1474-1-hearts-of-space Space Music: Stephen Hill talks Hearts of Space and Ambient DNA

I probably listened to “The Hearts of Space” for the first time back in the early 90s during a family beach vacation. I was surfing the local radio stations late one night and suddenly found myself listening to music unlike

screamers-deature 10 Horror VHS Boxes That Scarred Me For Life

In the Stuff to Blow Your Mind episode “The Horror,” I chat a little bit about the horror movies at the local video store — movies I never got to rent as a child, but movies with garish VHS covers

joel Space Music: Joel Hodgson Talks Riffing, MST3K

If you’re a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, your fondest memories probably revolve around classic film riffs and the show’s surprisingly believable cast of humans, robots, apes, aliens and mole people. Yet MST3K was also a very musical show, full

stbym Stuff to Blow Your Kid's Mind

Julie and I recently recorded ten episodes of “Stuff to Blow Your Kid’s Mind” and I figured, hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have all the videos embedded in a single post? Think of it as a super-sized club sandwich,

centaurpainting-feature Monster of the Week: The Centaur with Two Hearts

I don’t have to convince you that Centaurs are amazing. They stroll boldly through thousands of years worth of art, canter through our literary classics and their Photoshopped bodies continue to scandalize the Web. They are of course human/equine hybrids,

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