Blow Your Mind: Humanity’s Love Affair with Apocalypse

Human beings are in love with the end. Ruined cities and burning skies fill our dreams. Fears sends us steers our thoughts through landscapes of bones and even our fantasies involve decimated populations and zombie hordes. In this episode of

Will the world end today on May 21, 2011?

Nope. As NPR covers rather nicely in this article, all the rapture and apocalypse talk on the net and on roadside billboards stems from the predictions of Judgment Day enthusiast and evangelical radio broadcaster Harold Camping. He previously thought the

planetapes Medieval Math as Post-apocalyptic Technology

Post-apocalyptic fiction is full of scenarios where survivors sift through the bones and dust to uncover high-tech treasures they don’t really understand. In “Beneath the Planet of the Apes,” it was an atom bomb worshiped as a god. In “The

Giant Molecular Cloud Apocalypse Anyone?

The energy of the sun heats the Earth, churning sea and sky into motion, fueling photosynthesis and keeping it warm enough for hot pants, swimming pools and — oh yeah — life itself. Given this dependency, many of our most

Welcome to the Semantic Apocalypse

I find that much of what I read regarding neuroscience stirs the unsettling notion that the human experience itself is little more than an absurd dream, a strange byproduct of evolution. Canadian author R. Scott Bakker ruminates on these topics,

Did ancient extremophiles survive the first apocalypse?

With the threat of nuclear annihilation hanging over their heads, governments, companies and even individual families invested in fallout shelters during the 1960s. If worst came to worst, they could descend into their provisioned holes and hope to eventually emerge

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