Space Music: Dr. Dre Crafting a Solar System Album

BY Robert Lamb / POSTED August 5, 2010

Oh man, in a totally unexpected bit of space music news, I just learned from U.K.’s Data Transmission that legendary hip-hop producer/artist Dr. Dre plans to release an instrumental hip-hop album about the planets in our solar system!

Yeah, Dre’s up to far more than just finishing “Detox” and wearing robot masks to sell Windows 7. Just check out the quote from the Vibe Magazine interview.

Dr. Dre: “It’s just my interpretation of what each planet sounds like…I’m gonna go off on that. Just all instrumental. I’ve been studying the planets and learning the personalities of each planet.”

Personally, this excites me even more than the prospect of seeing “Detox” released this century. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing about what scientists think solar waves sound like or what the music of Saturn and Jupiter might consist of, but this just might be the sort of thing we’ll need to put on a gold-plated record and send off to alien worlds.

While Dre might very well break new ground in the hip-hop scene with this release, planetary concept albums are nothing new. As Data Transmission points out, French house DJ Sebastien Leger released “Planets” in 2007. Plus, Hephaestion put out a series of ambient mixes, one for each planet of the solar system. You can grab those tracks off Hephaestion’s official website right here. And of course Gustav Holst went classical on the planets back in 1916 with The Planets Suite Op. 32.

Now Dre’s contributing to the effort, even if there’s no release date in sight. I’ve heard it argued that music and mathematics are human civilization’s two great achievements, so it’s comforting to see great practitioners of either discipline with their eyes on the cosmos.

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