Discovery Expedition Seeks Outdoor Gadgets

BY Robert Lamb / POSTED July 10, 2012
Nature! (Philip and Karen Smith/The Image Bank/Getty)

As Julie and I often mention on the podcast (see this episode), we’re all cyborgs and the man/machine connection will only intensify in the years to come. But that doesn’t mean gadgets have to shackle us to our modern life and hamper our bond with the natural world. With proper design, technology enhances the human experience and makes Earth’s natural wonders more accessible and more memorable.

At Discovery, we’re all about that optimistic slice of cybernetic futurism, and that’s where Discovery Expedition comes in. The venture aims to connect adventurous, outdoorsy types with the innovative lifestyle products they need.

But what sort of products do YOU need? What sort of nature-interface gadgetry do you envision?

Hold that thought! Because Discovery Expedition needs YOUR imaginative input. Your innovation might aid navigation, communication or just pure entertainment.  The sky’s the limit! GPS enabled glasses that let you see through mountain peaks? A canteen that charges your smart phone? Dream it up, submit your idea and you might score a $2,500 minimum advance on 20 years percentage of sales or buyout. Selected products will earn you 50/50 royalties.  Check out the official rules and submit your idea over at Edison Nation’s Discovery Expedition page.

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