Cat Litter Goes Green

BY Robert Lamb / POSTED March 11, 2009
Clay-based litter isn't the only option out there. (©istockphoto/princessdlaf)

Last week I looked into the fascinating conflict between toilet-trained cats and sea otters, as well as the role cat litter choices may make in saving the planet. Whether you’re flushing or trashing your used kitty litter, it’s important to note that many varieties are 90 percent non-biodegradable clay, which we get through strip mining.

Becky Striepe over at EcoLocalizer enlisted her cats in testing out some of the environmentally-friendly alternatives to clay-based kitty litter this week. The products depended on such key ingredients as wheat, pine, baking soda and even newspaper scraps. While some of the options tested too stinky for their human roommates, the cats apparently found all the choices equally poopable.

What about you guys? Any heartening or frustrating accounts of making your cats go green? As the adopted cat-parent of a stray, I’ve encountered only disaster with any and all cat litters. Biscuit, as it turns out, prefers the organic option of the dirt in the neighbor’s yard.

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