Blow Your Mind: Virtual Sex and Linked Dreaming

BY Robert Lamb / POSTED March 29, 2012

Imagine a future in which an astronaut engages in a virtual, sensual encounter with her spouse back on Earth. What sort of near-future technology will make this possible – and where do we stand right now on the virtual sex front?

In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I discuss the technology of not only computer-mitigated sexual experience, but of linked dreaming.  We discuss the topic with the appropriate decorum, but be advised that the episode does discuss the intersection of technology and sexuality.

The episode was inspired in part by my article “What’s the future of virtual sex?” But there’s a lot of fresh insight in this one too, including discussion of “The 2030 Future of Sleep Report” by Dr Ian Pearson, which we discuss at length. You can find that PDF right here.

What would it be like to share a linked dream with a romantic partner? We’ll discuss.

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