Space Music: AIR, DK and Gazelle Twin

BY Robert Lamb / POSTED April 3, 2012

Air (Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel) earned their spot in the space music pantheon with 1998′s “Moon Safari.” They’ve been a chill-out staple ever since, but this year Air returned to their lunar roots with “Le Voyage Dans La Lune.”

Air composed the new album as a soundtrack for the classic1902 silent science fiction film “A Trip to the Moon.” As Dave over at Timid Futures points out, the record sounds like something you might hear in a space station rec room.

The film itself is of course the work of French illusionist and filmmaker Georges Méliès, most recently fictionalized in the 2001 Martin Scorsese 2011 film adaptation of Brian Selznick’s “The Invention of Hugo Cabret.”

So let’s enjoy a taste of “Le Voyage Dans La Lune,” resonating on the fact that a solid century spans the creation of its sights and sounds.

For more, check out the official Air website.The band also shared a selection of space tracks on their Facebook page, including the likes of Cluster, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Phillip Glass and Mozart.

What other bits of space music have drifted into Earth orbit recently? Let’s have a look…

Planetarium Mix by DK
Solid Steel resident DJ Darren Knot (DK) unveiled a new space-themed mix to promote DJ Food’s new album “The Search Engine” earlier this year. Fittingly enough, the festivities took place at the Greenwich Planetarium. The mix delivers a cavalcade of cosmic tracks including Gil Scott Heron’s “Whitey on the moon,” Talking Heads’ “Moon Rocks,” Kraftwerk’s “Space Lab” and of course a little Sun Ra to round everything out.  The 30-minute version of the mix makes up the second half of the following Soundcloud track, but you can grab the extended version via the Solid Steel podcast.

Gazelle Twin’s “The Entire City”
Finally, I really want to mention the haunting, ethereal sounds of Elizabeth Walling AKA Gazelle Twin. Described by The Guardian as the British answer to Fever Ray, Walling tends to explore darker territory than her Swedish counterpart. She cites sci-fi film scores among her influences and with track titles such as “Men Like Gods” and “Obelisk,” it’s no wonder she’s rumored to factor into a promotional video for the upcoming Alien prequel “Prometheus.” She put together this excellent mix for the Clash Music podcast, and you can stream her album “The Entire City” right here — complete with psychedelic eye visuals.

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