flyinglotus Space Music: Parisi, Flying Lotus, Spitting Image

I’ve been enjoying the work of Italian electronic artist Alessandro Parisi for a while now. His albums  “La Porta Ermetica” and “Hic Sunt Leones” are two of my go-to writing tracks thanks to their energetic-yet-haunting vibe. They’re soundtracks for nonexistent 1980s

zodiacdragon-featured Art Spotlight: Wong Tai Sin Zodiac Statues

Our recent podcast episode “Chinese Zodiac: Superstition, Economics & Destiny” explores astrology’s marked impact on Chinese birthrates and all the possible reasons for those dragon year spikes — but we also discuss cultural significance of all those zodiacal animals. They’re

yourteeth-featured Higher Human Forms: Ritual Tooth Extraction

We’ve already covered tooth filing as a means of physical and spiritual modification, but what about the outright removal of human teeth? While exodontia is often necessary from a dental health perspective — and has been practiced throughout history — there’s

wutong-featured Monster of the Week: The Wutong Shen

“The southern Wutong-spirit is somewhat like the northern fox-spirit. But whereas the northern fox’s evil force may be exorcised in a hundred different ways, the Wutong of the Yangtze region is much more vicious and intractable. It possesses and ravishes

thirdlaw-long Space Music: Roly Porter’s ‘Third Law’

You might remember Roly Porter from my past Space Music post about his Dune-fueled album “Aftertime.” Porter was also kind enough to let us feature a couple of the tracks in our “Science of Dune” episodes. Now the artist is

starchart-featured Cosmic Canvas: Chinese Planisphere

I’m trying to cover more Chinese topics in celebration of Chinese New Year, so it made sense to highlight the Chinese planisphere in this edition of Cosmic Canvas. The Chinese were among the first to develop a detailed map of

foxspirit-featured Monster of the Week: The Chinese Fox Spirit

“Poor man! A fox cast a spell on him and he is with us no more! Foxes can cast powerful spells. Young gentlemen in particular, such as you and your friend, should guard against them.” –  Pu Songling, “Fox Enchantment”

LOSCOVER-featured Space Music: Maks_SF, Children of Future Sleep

Let’s enjoy a little Space Music.We have two selections this week: one to bring you up and one to put you back down. Our first selection comes from Belarusian electronic artist Max Simchenko (AKA Maks_SF). His album “Last One Standing”

3TEETH_sized-featured 3Teeth’s Mincolla Talks Esoterism, Music and Art

I recently blogged about LA-based industrial act 3Teeth’s debut album here on Space Music. Specifically, I was taken with the philosophically-tinged, anarchist blend of 90s industrial style and the sort of modern dark electronic ambiance that I’ve come to depend

HHFtrepanning-featured Higher Human Forms: Voluntary Trepanation

Most of the body augmentation practices covered here in Higher Human Forms focus on symbolic transformations, but voluntary trepanation seeks to alter the functionality of the human brain through direct alteration of blood flow — by drilling a hole in

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