creationart2-feature Study Dissects the Religious/Scientific Worldview

How do we balance our multiple and often-contradictory worldviews? How do we cobble together an understanding of the visible and invisible universe from the scientific, cultural, mythic and spiritual elements at our disposal? To quote the great, fictional Egg Shen,

poisonbottle-feature How Inventive: The Skull Relief Poison Bottle

It’s an age-old conundrum: how to safely store your poisons without accidentally drinking them? You might argue that labels, child-resistant packaging and proper storage provide the answer, but Philadelphia’s Dr. William M Caterson had a different idea. Back in 1875,

v2rocket-feature Nazi Moon Base Fantasies and the Reality of War

Comic books and movies are loaded with Nazi super science and the roots go back all the way to mid-World War II comics. Robert A. Heinlein wrote a German lunar base story as early as 1947 and things have only

godzilla2000-feature Monster of the Week: Godzilla

There’s much we don’t understand about Godzilla. His titanic size has always been problematic. As Danielle Venton sumarizes over at Popular Science, the monster’s most recent incarnation would weigh in at 164,000 tons and boast bones twice as strong as

kubrick2001-feature Kubrick considered making a Warhammer 40K film?

I’m a Kubrick fan. I think “2001: A Space Odyssey” stands as one of cinema’s greatest achievements and is largely unchallenged for best sci-fi film of all time. I’m also a Warhammer 40K enthusiast. I paint the figures. I own

baliteeth2-feature Higher Human Forms: Balinese Tooth Filing

Humanity has long struggled with its bestial nature. Suspended as we are between the animal world of our origins and the spiritual ideals we aspire to, how can we vanquish our more savage impulses and retain our standing as a

eyesclosedmemory-feature New Study: Closing Eyes Boosts Memory Recall

It’s something of a cliche: You attempt to withdraw some elusive detail from the memory vault and what do you do? Why you close your eyes, of course. But does this actually help us recall the past, or is it

brainoftheartist-feature Artatomical: Angela Palmer’s ‘Brain of the Artist’

Here we see Scottish artist Angela Palmer and her 2013 sculpture “Brain of the Artist,” generated from three-dimensional CT and MRI scans of Palmer’s brain engraved on a series of glass panels. Palmer explore this technique in her “Life Lines”

garthim-featured Monster of the Week: The Garthim of Thra

Last week we discussed the culture and anatomy of the Gelflings of Thra, so this week we explore another creature from the world of the Dark Crystal: the deadly Garthim. The Skeksis engineered these massive creatures to serve as their

spaceanimals-feature 8 Science Experiments That Clothed Animals

Sometimes science needs a little help from the animal apparel department… Read more ›

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