Fossilized teeth of the giant shark, the 60 feet long Carcharodon megalodon, From Malta. (Photo by: Desmond Morris Collection/UIG via Getty Images) When the Moon Rains Shark Teeth

Imagine you’re out for a moonlight walk on a hillside path in second-century Rome. The night is warm, the crickets are chirping, when suddenly the beautiful silver light from the moon begins to take on a pink hue. A lunar

ancient_glory_by_spiralhorizon-d85utmx-feature Monster of the Week: The Nonmen of Eärwa

Long before barbaric tribes ventured into Northern Eärwa, the Nonmen battled for the survival of their own advanced and waning civilization. Known to themselves as  ji’cûnû roi or “the People of Dawn,” the Nonmen proved culturally, psychologically and biologically distinct from

controlledbleeding-feature Space Music: Varied Sounds of Controlled Bleeding

I love a rich, varied discography — especially in the age of Spotify. There’s a sense of sonic archeology to the whole process, and the journey is all the more rewarding when it’s an established act you’ve simply never explored

posturehorror-featured Artatomical: Sewing Posture Bisection

Here we see a couple of illustrations from an early 20th century posture book, educating us on the right and wrong way to sit at a sewing machine. Either way, just make sure you’re naked and cut in half. There’s

Titian_-_The_Flaying_of_Marsyas-featured Art Spotlight: The Flaying of Marsyas

Our podcast episode “Incomplete/Unfinished” explores the nature of unfinished or incomplete works of literature, art, music and the human experience. In discussing intentionally-unfinished or non finito works of art, Joe and I discuss a number of captivating paintings. Many of the

SDC-featured Space Music: Space Dimension Controller

Space Dimension Controller (AKA Jack Hamill) has given us such a lovely dose of space music in “Orange Melamine.” It’s an album full of light synth elegance, glitching drum beats and cascades of VHS-era electronic dream. You know, so it’s

grimes-featured Space Music: The ‘Dune’ Music of Grimes

Following our previous “Science of Dune” podcast episodes, I shared a few different musical selections inspired by Frank Herbert’s “Dune.” Since that time, I’ve embraced the synth-pop styling of Grimes — particularly her albums “Art Angels” (2015) and “Visions” (2011)

alienation-featured Space Music: Umberto’s ‘Alienation’

I’ve been enjoying the work of LA-based Umberto for quit a while as his music tends to hit that VHS-era synth zone of retro electronic sounds. And certainly, if you love that sonic realm as much as I do, then

gozertemple-featured Gozer’s No Match for Humanity’s Aphantasiacs

If you listened to our podcast episode “Aphantasia: Blindness of the Mind’s Eye,” then you’re familiar with this fascinating condition that renders 2.1 to 2.7 percent of the population incapable (to varying degrees) of forming mental images. Of course, that

gtteeth-featured Space Music: Gazelle Twin, Roly Porter

Let’s kick off the week with some Space Music, checking in on the latest from two past favorites. Gazelle Twin has a new release out in the form of “Out of Body,” a kind of darker, ambient extension of her

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