onthelake-feature Retrofuturist Flashback: Afternoon on the Lake

Let’s once more look to the future via the past. This time it’s a 1950 vision of a futuristic family’s lake outing — and it comes to us from noted American illustrator (and Olympic fencer!) Ed Vebell (born 1921). It’s

particles-feature Top 10 Mind-Blowers: Antimatter

Explore 10 astounding facts about antimatter… Read more ›

thangka1-feature Artatomical: Tibetan Thangka Medical Illustrations

In this installment of Artatomical, we turn to the pages of “Mirror of Beryl,” a 17th-century commentary on “The Four Tantras,” the foundational text of Tibetan medicine. The commentary was prepared by Sangye Gyamtso (1653 1705), regent of Tibet, as

wrathofgod-feature What ecological factors determine a god’s wrath?

Ecology plays a crucial role in any religious world view and a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences takes an analytical look at the link between environmental factors and the relative vengefulness of a

handofgod2-feature Cosmic Canvas: Hand of God

Above you’ll see an 1846 representation of the Christian final judgement by Georg Nikolaus. There’s a lot going on here and I’ll be the first to admit that the Hell worm vomiting up blood and sinners is difficult to ignore,

john-carpenter-lost-themes-featured Space Music: John Carpenter, Aphex Twin, Tycho

I’m excited about this one, ladies and gents. Like a lot of you out there, I’m a big John Carpenter fan. The man’s iconic movies helped shape my imagination and I still dip back into the vault for regular re-viewings.

bio9-feature Biosphere 2: The Encapsulated Earth

Take a second look at Biosphere 2 in this gallery… Read more ›

elongatedskull1-feature Higher Human Forms: Skull Elongation

Humans are born hackers. From digital constructs of our own creation to something as natural as the carbon cycle, our highly-evolved brains are perfectly suited to manipulate intricate systems. The human body was among the first systems we hacked, and

thunder1-feature Monster of the Week: Thunder of the Three Storms

Venture into the domain of Lo Pan and you’ll encounter a netherworld of the darkest magic. Here the Ultimate Evil Spirit plots his reconquest of the physical universe — and he has more than a few minions at his command.

churchillegg-featured It Existed: Churchill’s High-Tech Flight Pod

Are you a World War II-era British prime minister looking to fly in style aboard a Royal Air Force transport plane? Well then look no further than the so-called “Churchill Egg,” a sort of pressurized sarcophagus designed to safely house

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