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About Stuff to Blow Your Mind

 STBYM hosts Christian Sager, Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick.
STBYM hosts Christian Sager, Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick.

Prepare for a trip down the rabbit hole as Robert Lamb, Joe McCormick and Christian Sager lead you on a scientific journey to the very limits of human understanding. "Stuff to Blow Your Mind" examines neurological quandaries, cosmic mysteries, evolutionary marvels and the technological underpinnings of our transhuman future. Currently in its fifth year, Stuff to Blow Your Mind won both a 2014 Webby People's Choice Award and the 2015 Academy of Podcasters Award for Best Science and Medicine podcast.

Now let's meet the human hosts...

Robert Lamb is a senior writer and host at HowStuffWorks, where he co-hosts Stuff to Blow Your Mind. An avid science enthusiast, he boasts a deep love for monsters and a hankering for electronic music. Robert joined the HSW team in 2008 and continues to write a wide variety of educational and entertaining content, from "How Math Works" to "Top 10 Evil Spaceships." In his free time, he writes weird fiction in flavors southern, sci-fi and horror. He resides in Atlanta with his lovely wife, their exuberant son and an insane calico cat named Mochi.

Joe McCormick

Christian Sager is a writer and host at HowStuffWorks where he has worked on Stuff To Blow Your Mind, BrainStuff and Stuff of Genius. When he's not exploring eldritch knowledge he writes comic books about demonic children and arctic horror. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and pets. Christian relaxes by practicing yoga to the most brutal of metal.

Want to reach out to us? You can e-mail Robert, Joe and Christian in the following ways to share stories, provide episode ideas, file a correction, send us press releases or book us for appearances:

E-mail: blowthemind at howstuffworks dot com FaceBook: Twitter: @BLOWtheMIND Tumblr:

What Came Before: "Stuff to Blow Your Mind" began life in January 2010 as "Stuff From the Science Lab," hosted by HSW Science Writer Robert Lamb and HSW Science Editor Allison Loudermilk. Later that Year, Julie Douglas joined the team and co-hosted the re-branded STBYM podcast with Robert until her departure in June 2015. That's when Joe McCormick and Christian Sager came aboard. In the future, expect all three current hosts to be replaced by a vengeful computer AI, a cybernetic dog with human emotions and a fungi from the planet Yuggoth.

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